I can’t get any SMS code at PornHub’s 2-step authentication since last week. I am not sure if they had any issue on sending sms overseas during this unsettling time.

So I opened a ticket asking for help, they replied me 5 days later telling me that an app called Authy can help me get the auth-code if I can’t get SMS from them.

So I installed Authy app, finding it to be the one SMS authenticator to many. I only have to authenticate my phone number once, then I can get real time synced authentication code to many apps that implemented Authy’s service. This is really a cost effective way to scale down the cost of sending auth code via SMS.

Authy is resemble but somehow different to Google authenticator. Setting up a 2-step authentication with Google authenticator is cumber to me that I have to manually keep the register token and back up codes for I can’t get it recovered without them. From my perspective, Google authenticator is an anonymous 2fa service, I don’t have to worry about my email address or phone number get leaked by using it. It’s totally a geek way of implementing 2fa. But if you seek better user experience, you might prefer Authy’s implementation.

We live in a highly digitalized world today, we register thousands of accounts to access thousands of services(I found this number in my Google password manager), our accounts are valuable assets to us. To protect them, passwords are not enough. I don’t trust any service that requires no 2FA these days.