Taking screenshots and making marks on them to explain the situations on your screen are quite essential and common skills in online chat.

macOS and Windows have their own built in screenshots tools, but none of them is better than the screenshot tool built in IMs like WeChat. There is no doubt that a chat software understands user’s communicating requirements better.

I used to use QQ a lot, but time has changed, WeChat has superseded it now. However the QRCode login sequence of WeChat Desktop is stupid and inconvenient, that makes me just don’t wanna use WeChat on desktop. So I seek some other standalone 3rd party screenshot tool, so that I don’t have to rely on the stupid WeChat to take screenshot any more.

And not through a long hunt I found:

  • Xnip for macOS;
  • Snipaste for Windows, also available for macOS;

I believe both of these 2 tools are inspired by the legendary QQ screenshot tool:

  1. Press hotkey draw rectangle on your screen to create screenshot;
  2. Can take screenshot on single window by by selecting one;
  3. Good annotation tools for users to make mark;
  4. Double click to add screenshot to clipboard, which is quite more convenient than those OS built in ones;

It makes me feel safe to stay away from WeChat.