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Quick proxy in bash

commandline, terminal2018-09-22 23:14:36

Sometimes we need to use proxy in bash, but it is boring and inconvenient for us config and clear proxy for bash everytime when we need to use a proxy.

Create a file which will be used as a command in bash

  1. Create a file and save it in /usr/local/bin, so it will be added to $PATH after you grant it execute permission.
vim /usr/local/bin/ssproxy
  1. Compose a script to set proxy and run your normal commands.

# declare proxy url

# set proxy environment variable
export use_proxy=yes
export all_proxy=$PROXY
export http_proxy=$PROXY
export https_proxy=$PROXY

# run the command or script you pass in
  1. Grant this file execute permission, so it could be used as a command in bash.
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/ssproxy
  1. Usage

How it works

  • Create a new bash instance;
  • Set proxy;
  • Run your commands;
  • This bash instance will end after your commands are done, so you don't have to clear your proxy config in your terminal.